The Easiest Skills To Learn For Freelancing

There are a lot of freelancing skills, namely writing, editing, translation, beta reading, graphics design, coding, data entry, file conversion, web design and development, app development, virtual assistance, voiceover, marketing, and search engine optimization.

However, some of these skills are easy to learn, while others aren’t.

Hence, we asked a few freelancers to discuss the easiest skills to learn for freelancing to help people out there who want to go into freelancing but don’t know where to start.

Their responses are presented below:


“Certain skills like freelance writing are easier to learn because chances are you’ve studied writing in school or had to use it in other contexts,” Amy Suto, a memoir ghostwriter and tech copywriter, believes. “Freelance writing is also evergreen: great writing is great thinking, which is tricky for businesses to outsource well.” 


“Translation is one of the easiest skills to learn for freelancing,” says Usman Tariq, who works as a guest poster and link building expert on Fiverr and Upwork. “If you are fluent in multiple languages, translation can be an easy skill to learn for freelancing. As a translator, you can help businesses translate documents, websites, and social media content into different languages. With the increasing globalization of businesses, translation has become an important and in-demand skill.”


“I find freelance writing to be the easiest, as I’ve worked as one for years,” according to freelance writer Meika Welds. “You can learn to write as a skill with just a bit of practice and dedication. You can start by writing blog posts, articles, and social media content to build your portfolio.”

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Virtual assistance 

“In my opinion, the lowest barrier to entry when it comes to freelancing is working as a virtual assistant,” Slvia Pinho, a social media marketer and content creator, discloses. “You can focus on some admin tasks like inbox and calendar management, social media engagement, or even customer service to start off, and from there, uncover a path that works for you.” 

Content writing

“Content writing is one of the easiest skills to learn when starting as a freelancer,” Mery Brito, a content writer and SEO expert, reveals. “Content writing is quite straightforward, and it involves writing blog posts, articles for websites, press releases, and more. It’s easy to pick up this skill because a lot of resources can be found online to help you learn the basics.” 

Data entry

“One of the easiest skills to learn for freelancing is data entry,” says Caleb Dueck, a Klaviyo flow specialist and e-commerce email marketer. “Typically, you’re just doing grunt work that other people don’t have time to do (or don’t want to do). While I wouldn’t recommend this for a long-term profession as it will likely be automated in the next few years, it’s a great way to develop your freelancing profile on Upwork and/or Fiverr with easy jobs while you learn other skills.” 

Content writing 

“Content writing is one of the easiest skills to learn for freelancing,” says Go High Level expert Oladapo Taofeeq. “It’s a skill that can be learned quickly, and it’s also in demand on sites like Fiverr and Upwork.” 

Instagram community management

“One of the easiest freelancing skills to learn is Instagram community management,” SEO specialist and content writer Aleksandra Jovicic believes. “It’s not as lucrative as some other freelancing skills may be, but it’s a great place to start if you’re interested in digital marketing and don’t know where to start.” 

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Content writing

“As a freelancing expert, I would say that the easiest skills to learn for freelancing depends on your individual strengths and interests. However, content writing is relatively easy to learn,” according to SEO expert Shahnawaz Sadique. “It’s a skill that can be learned through online courses, tutorials, and practice.”  


“I think the easiest skill to learn for freelancing is copywriting, which involves creating content that is engaging and useful for your audience,” says freelance writer Akpan Ukeme. “However, the bottom line to freelancing skills is to do what you’re good at, do what you enjoy, and create content of value.”

Without mincing words, there’s no one skill that’s the easiest because they all require time, effort, and dedication. Otherwise, you risk being kicked out of business sooner rather than later.

What are the easiest skills to learn for freelancing? Tell us in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you.

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