Freelancers Discuss The Top Benefits Of Freelancing

Freelancing can be a highly rewarding career for many people due to its numerous benefits.

In this edition of Good Freelancing, we sought to learn about the benefits of freelancing from different freelancers around the world who have long embraced remote work.

Here are their responses:

Extra income

“Freelancing can be a great way to earn extra money or even start a new career. It offers the flexibility to work from home, set your own hours, and choose your own projects,” says Sherazul Hassan, a web designer and SEO expert on Fiverr. “And, best of all, you can often find freelancing work that matches your skills and interests. Whether you’re a writer, designer, developer, or marketer, there are many opportunities for freelancers in today’s economy.”

Entrepreneurial skills

“In freelancing, you are transacting with other businesses or clients, paying your own taxes, and building your own skills as an entrepreneur. It will equip you with the different experiences you need to make your freelance business sustainable in the long run,” explains Arvie Narido, who is a freelance writer on Upwork. “With these experiences, I was able to detach myself from the employee mentality (i.e., depending on security and stability instead of taking risks) and embrace the entrepreneur mentality, which I think is one of the most significant decisions in my life.” 


“Freelancing allows you to work when you want and on what you want. You have the ability to work on only the projects you want to work on at once demand for your services picks up, which is an incredibly satisfying way to work,” Chad Montgomery, a freelance content writer, says. Freelancing is also great because it can be done for as many hours a week as you would like to work. I am able to work full-time and supplement my income with extra money to take my family on trips. If anything ever happened to my career, I would have a fallback plan to make up for the shortfall until new work is found.” 

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Socializing with people

“Freelancing has been hugely beneficial for me. As an outgoing introvert, being in an office all day zapped my energy, leaving me feeling lethargic and tired in my personal time. Now that I work from home, I’m energized to socialize with the people I want to and get so much more done in my personal time,” reveals Kate Reynolds, who works as a freelance voice actor and writer on Fiverr. “I also love that I can earn money on the road. As long as I have my microphone, laptop, and some soundproofing, I can earn money while traveling, even if it’s a weekend away. It has also allowed me to create multiple sources of income, something I’m very passionate about. I work remotely and part-time as a content writer for a company in Australia, and I can fit my freelance work around my role there. If either were to drop off for some reason, I still have an income.” 


“A huge benefit of being a freelancer is that my time is my own. I can work from anywhere, travel the world, and never miss a beat when delivering great work to my clients. I can sleep in, take Fridays off, have a four-day workweek, or even take a week off whenever I choose. I’m financially independent, and I can be picky about which clients I work with,” explains Amy Suto, a freelance copywriter and ghostwriter. “Finding freedom in freelancing is a combination of hard work, strategy, and skill, all of which can be learned. That’s why I love paying it forward and sharing my knowledge with others. Freelancing is the future.” 

Being your own boss

“There are two benefits of freelancing that are very important to me. The first is that you don’t have to make any compromises; you get to run your business just the way you want to, you can choose your clients, and you can spend money on the promotions and collaborations you think are the best. It feels like you are building something great on your own terms,” says Fausto Bafico, a freelance digital marketer, content writer, and translator. “The second one, which I really appreciate, is that I get to work for different companies from all around the world that operate in a variety of industries. This allows me to get a glimpse from the inside of each client, experience different approaches to similar tasks, and get to know business cultures and styles. Then I can apply to my own business all the best practices I gather from the companies I work with.”

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“The main benefit of freelancing is that you are in control of your time and the flow of your day. You decide what work to take on and what work to avoid. The flexibility of freelancing can change your life for the better,” freelance writer Georgina Caro says. “Freelancing is one of the best decisions I have ever made.” 


“Freelancing is all about freedom. At a time when both employees and employers are disgruntled with the old model of work, freelancing is the ideal solution. Employers can work with top talent around the world as and when needed. Freelancers like me can serve and delight international clients without the constraints of a location-based, nine-to-five job,” says media strategist Marie-Thérèse Le Roux. “Gone are the hassles of underutilized employees, restrictive work environments, and mutual dissatisfaction. Freelancing means both parties can tailor meaningful, results-driven projects that deliver the best returns for each of them on their own terms. As a freelancer, I can work where, when, and how I want, with the clients I choose, on the projects that excite me. And as I grow, I also empower other freelancers, to whom I subcontract elements of my work, to serve my clients even better. This means happier clients, opportunities for other freelancers, and bigger possibilities for me. In fact, this model is now growing into a business of its own. Freelancing truly is setting the world of work free.”

Additional income

“Freelancing has been a great side hustle that has provided a variety of benefits for me over the years. It helps me generate additional income for that much-needed holiday overseas or some extra income for investing, and serves as a creative outlet that allows me to help small businesses with their online journeys,” Jamie Thornberry, a website designer and copywriter, reveals. “It also affords you the opportunity to develop new skills and experiences that build your professional profile and increase your professional network, as well as providing so much flexibility when it comes to where you work. Being able to work from home or a holiday destination has been a massive incentive to freelance.”

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“Freelancing is a great way to not only be self-employed, assign your own hours, and have limitless income, but it can also be a bridge between employment and entrepreneurship,” says Sandra Nomoto, a freelance copywriter and editor. “Many people freelance part-time while working a full-time job to make additional income or test out being self-employed.”

In case you’re still wondering whether to start freelancing, you should know that it offers some huge benefits over a traditional nine-to-five job.

Now that you’re here, what do you think are the benefits of freelancing? Tell me in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.

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