Examining the New Fiverr Order Cancellation Policy Where Cancelled Orders Qualify for Reviews

Fiverr order cancellation policy

Fiverr, the popular online marketplace for freelancers, has recently introduced a significant update to its policies that has sparked controversy among users. In a surprising move, Fiverr now allows cancelled orders to qualify for buyer reviews, a decision that has left many freelancers and buyers baffled. This change has raised concerns about the fairness of the review system and its potential impact on freelancers’ livelihoods. 

In this investigative article, we delve into the details and implications of this controversial new Fiverr order cancellation policy.


Fiverr has long been known for its buyer-centric approach, providing a platform for individuals and businesses to hire freelancers for various services. Reviews play a vital role in establishing a freelancer’s reputation and attracting future clients. Until recently, cancelled orders did not result in any reviews, ensuring that freelancers were not unfairly penalised for circumstances beyond their control.

The Controversial Update

Fiverr recently announced a significant update about its order cancellation policy. This change is being made in order to give buyers a more complete picture of their experience with a freelancer. Previously, if a buyer cancelled an order before it was completed, they could not leave a review. This meant that other buyers could not see whether the freelancer was reliable or not.

Under the new policy, cancelled orders will still not qualify for reviews if the buyer cancels for a reason that is considered to be the buyer’s fault, such as if they change their mind about the order or if they do not provide the freelancer with the necessary information. However, if the buyer cancels for a reason that is considered to be the freelancer’s fault, such as if the freelancer does not deliver the order on time or if the order is not as described, then the buyer will be able to leave a review.

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Implications of the New Fiverr Order Cancellation Policy for Freelancers

The implications of this update are far-reaching and have sparked widespread concern among the freelance community. Freelancers often face cancellations due to various reasons, such as scope changes, unresponsive buyers, or unrealistic expectations. These factors are typically beyond the freelancer’s control, yet they may now face the negative consequences of cancelled orders impacting their overall rating and future job prospects.

Unfair Reflection of Freelancers’ Abilities

The decision to include cancelled orders in the buyer review system raises questions about the accuracy and fairness of the platform’s reputation system. A freelancer’s rating is a crucial factor in securing new clients and maintaining a steady stream of work. However, with cancelled orders now factoring into the review score, a freelancer’s reputation could suffer unjustly, potentially resulting in lost opportunities.

Potential for Abuse

This policy change also presents opportunities for misuse by unscrupulous buyers. Some buyers may deliberately cancel orders without valid reasons, using the review system to harm freelancers they have had disagreements with or to gain an unfair advantage. This exploitation could undermine the trust and integrity of the Fiverr platform, ultimately harming both freelancers and genuine buyers.

Loss of Trust and Confidence

Many freelancers have expressed their disappointment and frustration with the update on Fiverr’s community forum. They argue that this change diminishes their motivation and confidence in providing their services through the platform. Freelancers rely on positive reviews as a testament to their skills and professionalism, but this new policy introduces uncertainty and potential harm to their reputation.

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How Freelancers View the New Fiverr Order Cancellation Policy

According to zeecreations, the new policy is another “buyer-centric update which can be used for exploitation by buyers,” suggesting, “It should only be allowed if the delivery was late or [there was] no communication.”

For freelancer cre8iveartwork, buyers could take advantage of the new policy update to manipulate the system, for example, by cancelling an order for whatever reason and then leaving a five-star review as well. “I got messages like that promising to leave a 5 star review if I cancel the order in the past as well when this new ‘ feature’ didn’t even exist,” cre8iveartwork says.

Freelancer saadatique describes the new policy as a “terrible update,” arguing, “Buyers can misuse this feature and blackmail the sellers as well.”

To freelancer eclixo, “It would be more beneficial to receive one star while keeping the payment rather than receiving one star without any payment,” since sellers will likely “receive a one-star rating” if orders are cancelled either due to a client’s dissatisfaction with a delivery or in order to protect a freelancer’s reputation on Fiverr.

Freelancer sandm4n blasts Fiverr for “squeezing your sellers harder and harder” with the new policy, describing it as “the icing on the cake” while threatening to leave the platform. “I was contemplating leaving this platform but now I’m certain I should, if I value my time, sanity and self respect as a seller,” sandm4n reveals.

“This is highly disturbing. I have 320 completed orders and only 7 cancellations so far. Canceling an order was always my last resort BUT also a safety net for my sanity,” according to freelancer takiskoroneos, who has allegedly built a strong reputation on Fiverr over the years but is now contemplating quitting as the next option. “Fiverr was already unreasonably unfair towards sellers and this is just the nail in the coffin.”

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“This is the absolute worst way to oppress your sellers! I am furious and utterly disgusted with this platform! It’s nothing short of a malicious exploit. I swear, even a mundane 9 to 5 job sounds more appealing now!” simo_messek laments.

“Countless buyers have shamelessly stolen my hard work without paying me a dime, and what happens to them? Absolutely nothing! And now, to add insult to injury, you give them the power to completely screw us over and snatch our work without compensation. And as if that weren’t enough, you reward them with a glowing review, enabling them to blackmail us into providing even more work for free!

“Congratulations, Fiverr, you’ve just excelled at shooting yourself in the foot! Your actions are driving away talented individuals from this platform. Keep up the good work! Bravo!”

The Way Forward

Fiverr’s recent update allowing cancelled orders to qualify for buyer reviews has created a wave of discontent among freelancers who rely on the platform for their livelihoods.

Although the new policy allows buyers to leave reviews for cancelled orders, even if the order was cancelled by the buyer, gives buyers more control over their buying experience, allows them to share their feedback with other buyers, and helps other buyers make informed decisions about which sellers to use, the decision raises concerns about fairness, the potential for abuse, and the erosion of trust within the freelance community.

It is crucial for Fiverr to listen to the concerns of its users and reevaluate this policy change to ensure a level playing field and maintain a vibrant and thriving freelance marketplace.

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