7 Freelancers Reveal The Best Freelance Platforms And What Makes Them Different

You may have a difficult time identifying the best freelance platforms since there are tons of them out there offering broad or specialised services.

However, some of these platforms have one thing or the other that set them apart from the rest.

In this week’s edition, Good Freelancing reporter Dan Agbo interviewed seven freelancers on the best freelance platforms out there and two stood out.


“When I started out, I explored many freelance platforms and found that Fiverr is the best platform to get started,” says Jay Raval, a web developer and SEO expert. “If you choose the right niche and set up your gigs properly, you will definitely get results. I got 10+ high-quality projects when just starting out by leveraging NFT and logistics trends.” Fiverr has many benefits over others, says Jay, because there are a lot of buyers on the platform and no long interviews or scary long projects.


“In my opinion, Upwork is still the best platform for freelancers out there. Yes, there are many sub-par opportunities but the platform is full of businesses which are serious and have spent $100,000+. I have personally earned over $10,000 on Upwork in the last two years alone,” says  Dayana Aleksandrova, a freelance copywriter. “I love logging in and seeing the ocean of opportunities. There is a new job posting every 3-5 minutes. It’s an incredible tool to use if you still struggle with a scarcity mentality because you clearly see that there are plenty of clients to serve out there and get paid.” 

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“The best freelance marketplace is Fiverr. Fiverr does a great job of helping you get in front of hundreds of potential clients as well as providing tools to help you grow your business. At one point in my career, I was getting dozens of client requests per day through Fiverr,” says Teddy Stavetski, a freelance financial writer. “The only downside to the platform is that it is very review-based. This means that younger accounts with fewer positive reviews don’t get as many client requests. It can take several weeks/months to really get traction. Additionally, many freelance service categories are quite crowded.”


For Volodymyr Humnytskiy, who has been working as a freelance developer for the past two years, Upwork is the platform to beat after trying out a few other freelance marketplaces. “I have tried working as a freelancer on other platforms. But since I’m a developer, I’m interested in long-term projects. Upwork gets large projects for me and remains the best among all the platforms,” says Volodymyr. “Upwork does have huge commissions, but I think it is worth the value that I get. I also feel like it is harder to start working on Upwork and therefore my job is more valuable. Consequently, I think Upwork is the best one.”


To Gagandeep Singh, Upwork is the best freelance platform out there. “I started working on Upwork and one other platform but I get my big clients from Upwork only,” says Gagandeep, an SEO link builder, who started freelancing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic after losing his job. “I have earned around $25,000 in 12 months only on Upwork alone. I started as an SEO link builder but I have been offering PR services as well since last year and I have featured some brands already in top media outlets.”  

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On his own, freelance writer Shahid Inayet says he prefers Fiverr to other platforms after working on three freelancing platforms. “Fiverr is different from other freelance platforms where freelancers can bid on projects put up by buyers. On Fiverr, the buyer contacts the seller directly if the seller’s gig demonstrates the seller’s ability to perform the task well,” Shahid explains. “I have been working on Fiverr for more than a year as a freelance writer and game designer. I have almost reached Level 2, which corresponds to 50 orders and over $2,000 in earnings. Once a freelancer delivers quality services, customers are bound to come back for repeat orders. The best part is that you don’t have to spend fruitless hours bidding on projects. You can sit back and relax as the right buyer will track you with your previous performance, indicated through your gigs and customer reviews.”


“Upwork has significantly streamlined the hiring process, and its work and management features are among the best I’ve ever seen. Upwork provides high-quality jobs and is both secure and safe. You can concentrate on your job while they safeguard your data and privacy and support is available round the clock,” HARO specialist Umair Syed explains. “On Upwork, you’ll have immediate access to real connections, and the ability to build your portfolio and have control over your income. Upwork is what you make of it. So, if you’re prepared to put in the effort and make it work for you, I believe you should give it a go.”

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However, knowing why you’re going into freelancing in the first place will help you decide if a particular freelance platform is good for you.

What’s the best freelance platform out there and why? Tell us in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you.

Dan Agbo is a freelance journalist and editor available for hire on Fiverr and Upwork.

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